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Results: This Pricing Page has generated 6,900+ inbound leads and over $450 Million in sales pipeline.

Douglas Machines ( is a commercial washing equipment manufacturer that has been using EchoQuote since 2010.

Step 1

The first step was to rename the “Request-a-Quote” buttons to “Pricing” throughout the website. The word “Request” implies human intervention and causes abandonment. The simple term “Pricing” is much more direct and improves click-through.

Here is a snapshot showing the Pricing button in the upper right hand corner. Additional Pricing buttons are located strategically throughout the site, especially near product images.


Step 2

All pricing buttons point to the Pricing Page which is where the conversions happen. The Pricing page was created by renaming the original Request-a-Quote (or Contact Us) page to Pricing.

In Douglas’ case, they wanted to offer 2 options: a Self-Service (EchoQuote) and Full-Service (Contact Sales using original form).

The Self-Service option captures 3-5 times more qualified leads than the Full-Service option.

What happens next?

The EchoQuote tool is launched and the same process occurs for every client.

Click here to see what happens when the Get a Self-Service Quote? button is clicked.