Identify Accounts interested in your products

New customers are out there. Many are hot prospects actively looking for solutions like yours…and your competitors.
Will you identify them and win the business, or lose them?
AccountScope solves the anonymous problem by acting as a “deal radar” for targeted industries like Data Storage and Cyber Security. It captures detailed company information for all visitors searching for solutions in your category and sends that via email to your sales or marketing team on a regular basis.
Start each day with AccountScope and sell more!

AccountScope Benefits

Find Hot Accounts

Don’t spend hours trying to find accounts to call on. Get a hot Account list delivered directly to your inbox.

Get More Meetings

Contacting accounts with real projects dramatically increases the likelihood they’ll engage in a sales conversation.

First In Wins

Being first to engage an account gives your team the inside track to influence and win more deals.

AccountScope Pricing (Monthly)

  • FREE
    $0 /MO
    • Maximum 3 Users/Reps
    • 30 Day Delay on Activity
    • Weekly Email Delivery
    • New Customers Only
  • Non-EchoQuote Customer
    $1999 /MO
    • Unlimited Users/Reps
    • All Current Activity (no delay)
    • Get full statistics on interested companies (size, revenue)
    • Easy email delivery Daily, Weekly or Monthly
    • Territory Routing by State
    • Pay-as-you-go, no long-term contract

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