Flash Storage Manufacturer used

Price Curiosity to generate

300+ qualified leads per month

CASE STUDY: Texas Memory Systems (TMS)

Texas Memory Systems (TMS) was a privately owned Flash Storage company based in Houston, Texas that wanted to cement its leadership position in the SSD/Flash storage industry. It’s products were used primarily to improve the speed and availability of large database applications. TMS was acquired by IBM.

  • Industry: Technology
  • Client’s Products: Flash based computing platforms (complex)
  • Client’s Product Price Range: $50,000 to $750,000+
  • Sales Model: Direct Sales Reps
  • EchoQuote Setup Time: Less than one (1) week
Business Challenge

With competition in the High-Performance Computing industry increasing, Texas Memory Systems needed to act fast and grow even faster. Their goal was to substantially increase the number of sales-ready leads captured on their website.


TMS explored using price curiosity as a new way to engage new prospects without giving away pricing or jeopardizing their traditional sales processes. EchoQuote was brought in by the CEO as a tactical move to jump start lead capture.

  • A clear sales process was created to maximize the effectiveness of pricing requests
  • A new Pricing Page was created on the corporate website (see below)
  • EchoQuote was added as a Self-Service option
  • Buttons pointing to the Pricing page were added throughout the site
Implementation Video

Before EchoQuote was added, less than 20 leads were being captured per month. The first month (partial) EchoQuote was added, Sales captured 37 qualified leads. Month 2 marked the first full month – 215 qualified leads were captured. Additional buttons pointing to the Pricing page were added and EchoQuote averaged 300+ qualified leads per month consistently.

Leads Captured (First 4 months)
  • Before
  • Month 1 (partial)
  • Month 2
  • Month 3
  • Month 4
TMS Average Monthly Results
300 +
Qualified Leads
$ 80 Million
Total Lead Value
$ 10000
Monthly Cost
  • EchoQuote helps us convert a larger percentage of casual web site visitors into solid sales leads.

    N. Ekker
    N. Ekker VP Marketing, Texas Memory