Frequently Asked Questions

What is is a lead generation service disguised as a self-service quote tool. It captures Sales Ready leads from your current website by empowering potential customers to request their own quotes without giving your pricing away. Your sales team is notified of any requests and can approve/send a response quickly, starting a new sales conversation.

We already have a ‘Request a Quote’ form on our website, what’s special about

Two words; TRUST and RESULTS. Everyone, including your competition, has a Request a Quote form on their website. Visitors know that request forms usually results in a sales call, which is not what they want. is different because visitors TRUST a third party tool more. On average, will convert 3-5 times more leads than your standard form and they will be much higher quality which leads to better sales RESULTS.

To see how your Request a Quote page might look with see the How It Works page.

How can we keep our competitors from getting our pricing?

With you are always in control of who gets your pricing. Estimates are delivered by email and only after your Sales team approves them. If you decide to use the “Auto Approve” feature then we recommend using our “range of pricing” function to provide sales flexibility. You can also block anonymous visitors or competitors from requesting quotes.

With over 10 years of experience and $10B in lead value generated, we have covered every base when it comes to protecting your pricing while increasing Sales Ready leads.

What types of companies use

We specialize in helping midsize B2B manufacturers (up to $200M in sales) who

  • sell complex and often expensive products or services
  • sell direct or through a network of dealers/partners
  • currently have 1,000+ visitors to their website per month
  • want more quality sales conversations

How much does cost? is a month-to-month, pay-for-results marketing service; if we don’t get results, you don’t pay. Our cost is typically one-tenth (1/10) the cost you would normally pay for the quality of lead we generate. See the Pricing Page for more details. There is no minimum monthly charge and you may cancel at any time.

Our products are complex. Will work for us?

Absolutely. Most of our clients sell complex (i.e., custom) products and services that require working with a direct sales representative or knowledgeable channel partner. Our goal is to start a sales conversation with a new prospect so your sales team can work out the detailed solution. We also implement a “range of pricing” feature which gives your sales team or channel partners plenty of wiggle room.

How do we implement

Implementing is simple and risk free. Here are the basic steps:

  • Discovery Call – The first step is a discovery call to explore whether is a fit for your organization. We’ll discuss your sales and marketing goals and review you current website from a customer’s point of view. We’ll also prepare a mock-up of how might look on your website.
  • Trial Period – If you decide to move forward, we will sign a simple month-to-month agreement that can be cancelled at any time and begin your free trial period (30-60 days). The trial period helps us both understand whether the process will work for you and your team.
  • Setup – is a Software-As-A-Service (SAAS) tool available via the internet. We will do most of the setup for you, but will need your assistance to add a link on your website or blog. There’s no software to purchase, install or maintain. Sales-Ready leads will start appearing in your designated sales team member’s email inbox immediately.
  • On-going Service – At the end of the Trial Period you decide if you would like to proceed or cancel the service. If you proceed, nothing changes and we will start our first month of service. On the first day of each subsequent month we will generate an invoice for the previous month.

How long does it take to set up

Most clients can get their service up and running in a day or two. Once we have activated your service, you simply add a few of your most popular products/services to the catalog and then copy a small piece of embed code to your website to add a “Pricing” button (we can help with that). That’s it, you’re done! Sales Ready leads will begin appearing in your designated sales team member’s email inbox right away.

We don't want visitors using personal email addresses to request budgetary quotes.

You can restrict anonymous (and competitor) email addresses from requesting budgetary quotes by creating a list of “blocked domains”. If visitors use one of these blocked domains (i.e. yahoo, gmail, aol, etc.), will prevent them from proceeding but will still capture their email address for no charge.

We have dealers/resellers that set their own pricing.

Companies with multiple sales channels are perfect for because your partners want more sales opportunities. Dealers and/or Resellers will appreciate the additional Sales-Ready leads knowing they can sell more with less discounting. The high-quality leads you provide your Dealers will keep you top-of-mind with their sales team.

What happens if we decide isn’t right for us?

To cancel the service simply remove the link from your website. That’s it. Our service is pay-as-you-go, month to month. Cancel anytime with no penalty.

How does increase Sales-Ready leads?

All sales and marketing professionals know that a request for Pricing signals buying intent. By adding as a Pricing call-to-action, a company can provide a mechanism for serious prospects to request budgetary pricing while capturing their contact information for the sales team.

When will we see results?

Most clients see results immediately; usually the same day as the links are added to the client’s site. Of course, success depends on the amount of web traffic coming to the site and the placement of the link(s) .

How will we measure the success of

Success can be measured in several ways. The first is the pure number and quality of leads captured. Second, since the value of a lead is based on the budgetary price of an actual product or service, you’ll know exactly how much potential revenue is generating. Imagine being able to show, in dollars, the value of the campaign. Third, the response of the sales team is probably the best measure; prepare to get a lot of kudos.

How do we get started with

The first step is to explore How It Works which will give you an idea of how might look and work for you.

You should also check out the Client Examples page which shows a brief description of how EchoQuote has been implemented.

Please contact us directly if you have any additional questions or would like to see a custom presentation and demo.